Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rescue Remedy

Our dog Patches has been going thru serious separation anxiety issues. We have tried most everything short of anxiety meds that was suggested. I just don't believe in dogs should be popping pills like the majority of todays society. It is only a band aid in my mind. I am into homeopathic, herbal alternatives to help ease while you correct the source of the problem. I recently came across Rescue Remedy. Like in any case it has worked for some, but not others. Here is more information on it. If you have thoughts or first hand experience please post a comment. I only wish I had come across this product to try before having to give my little man Patriot... Paiges' father. I miss him terribly but I was going to kill him with our traveling lifestyle by slowly eating away at the lining in his tummy everytime he puked.

Anyhow after we finally try it I will do an update blog on our results:

Rescue Sleep Natural Spray Aid

Rescue® Remedy Pet

Rescue Remedy Pet is a new formula specifically for pets. It can be used for an immediate calming effect in any stressful situation, or when your pet needs help overcoming a variety of emotional or behavioral problems. Visit www.rescueremedy.com/pets for
more information.


5 Chinchen's said...

love rescue remedy. good for those really stressful moments.
i am also a doula and apprenticed with a midwife for years. we always carried rescue remedy in our birth bags. it's great to give to moms immediately after birth to calm all those hormones.

Renee said...

thanks so much for the feedback on the product. We have done everything pretty much to help her and I refuse to have her on anti anxiety meds. Wish I had you for a midwife mine never brought this up after my kids:0( lol ah well at least it will be something my girls can keep in mind when the time comes (yeeeaaaarrrrs from now) lol