Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trees are a Changing

Signs of Fall is officially on its way:0) I love fall until I feel the cold in my bones and the sad reminder I have a long several months ahead of me of a Montana winter. I am only in my 30's it should be wrong to feel this way! The Farmers Almanac just came out and the prediction is the same as my husband Carl has said we are to have a colder than normal winter. What a way to break in the RV... next year it just may send us to AZ or somewhere warmer for the Carl won't do Texas so that is out for extended stay. IF I am lucky I will get him to agree to at least travel there so I can visit family. Speaking of which I hope that my biological father, his family and my great grandmother as well as my friend Erin and her family that are in the Galveston area are faring well with Ike in their midsts. To all in Ikes path be safe!!
I know we will be going to TN in fact will be one of our first stops once we head out next year.

I finally get in the mood to make soups, chilis, stews etc after the cold spell we have had and we are going to have an indian summer week! Go figure.
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