Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Meet the Kids

Tuesday, August 26, 2008, 11:32 AM

Meet Kelda

Kelda was born into this world weighing over 9 lbsand nearly 21 inches long. I to this day say this girl was over cooked but she was my first so what did I know. Head full of dark hair and dark doe eyes both of which she still has today. Hard to believe she is nearly 14.

She has always had a love for horses and quiet a natural gift with them, as she has gotten older she is hitting a cross between staying western and going goth. I figure in time she will find her place. I really think she will remain country in the end. She loves cooking, reading anime, anything to do with the caldera over Yellowstone, prefers to remain in one location but is excited about traveling rather than packing and unpacking all the time.

She loves Learning 2000 computer school program. Visits the library for book reading and to meet up with her new found friend BJ whom is also homeschooled. I met her mom ironically enough on a homeschool yahoo group. I didn't realize where in MT they lived until a post came up and turned out we had just moved to the same area.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008, 11:56 AM

Meet Inger

Baby girl #2. She was my petite little tinker bell. fullterm born on due date weighing in at under 7 lbs and only 19 inches long. Completely bald so NOTHING like her sister. She is my quick witted one. For everything you say to her you can bet your pants she has some kind of smart alleck come back.

IE she was around 3 yrs old never really talked much I had taken her to the stables where her father worked at the time. All the cowboys were sitting around trying to get her to say hello. Shook her head no when we got ready to leave I asked her if she was at least was going to tell these poor cowboys goodbye she shook her head no and said never said hello and left to get in the vehicle. that was my beginning tell tale sign of what this child was to bring;0)

To say the least there is never a dull moment with her around. She has studied much on Egypt it has been her passion for 4 years now and said she is going to be the one to find the missing tomb of Osiris. She is going to have 4 children....or was not sure on her current status. Her 11th birthday is around the corner and we are going to kick start our year after Labor Day with a trip to the Museum in Idaho Falls to see the Egyptian tour exhibit. It is our gift to her as it will probably be the closest we will ever get her to Egypt.

She loves reading, drawing freehand and is really good at it, loves to accesorize I would say what girl doesn't but her sister could care less. She is not much for computers much prefers books for learning so that is her method. Very much a self starter and entrepreneurial. She made $30 this summer with her idea to sell watermellon at the local fair so she could go on some of the rides as I was only there on business, we had just moved so no funds for fun stuff like that. She won the watermelon eating contest and then was asked if she wanted to help get rid of it so it didn't go bad. She asked if she could sell it and keep monies made. The lady said sure I don't care how you get rid of it. Her brain is always thinking.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008, 12:15 PM

Meet Benjamin

Our 3rd and final child. Born a month early weighing under 7lbs, 19 inches long. I struggled getting all 3 to term but he was my most determined one and managed to come early regardless. He is high functioning Aspergers Syndrome. I denied it for a long time. I was told at birth his fine motor skills would be slow, around 2 Autism was brought up and I never took him for another checkup. His first round of 1st grade I finally took him to a dr. that said he was definitely Aspie.

But don't let this fool you this boy is SMART...I worry at times he is smarter than I am. He has a very photographic memory and if I get lost errr mislead by my GPS you can bet he probably knows how to get where we are going. He watches little details. He knows everyones vehicles in the RV park and neighboring trailer park, he introduces himself to anyone new to the RV park esp if they have a dog. He has 2 modes. eternally happy or complete melt down. There is no in between for him. He is very black and white, very ridgid and you WILL lose a fight with him so don't even try telling him something is to be done one way because he will insist on it being done another way until YOU are blue in the face. I gave up the book learning with him it simply wasn't working. He is very much unschooled and now this year he is 2nd grade rather than 3rd and is finally reading since going this method. He was taught all the basics he just wasn't ready for all the information to click.

Walks with him turn into look at every bug and detail of the surroundings adventure. He loves animals esp. dogs. My baby is 8 yrs old and makes me pull out my hair but I simply need to stop, rethink how I phrased something and rephrase so that he understands. He LOVES anything to do with John Deere and he will flat out tell you just because it is yellow and green doesn't mean it is JD unless it has that sticker on it so don't try to fool him with one of those cheap imitation toys. I learned my lesson the hard way. He pays attn to detail. OH and don't ask him to say his ABC's backwards like his first 1st grade teacher did...he will melt down but not before telling you his Kindegarten teacher didn't say ABC's went like that.

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